Cleaning Your Handbag

Cleaning systems deliver for all types of leather and fabric, to bring the suppleness back in to dried out leather and thoroughly clean such as, interior, suede & nubuck, patent leather, detox, anti-bacterial, lining strip, mould/odour removal, metal polish, stain degrease and protection even the dirtiest of bags.

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Cleaning Services:

Handbag Hospital offers cleaning services for all types of leather and fabric, including suede, nubuck, and patent leather, for even the dirtiest of bags. Cleaning services include:

Bringing the suppleness back to dried-out leather
Thoroughly cleaning of the interior of bags
Anti-bacterial treatment
Lining strip
Mould and/or odour removal
Metal polishing
Stain degreasing

How It Works

How Leather is produced
How Leather is produced

January 05, 2024

Step 1: Prep 
Fresh hides are cured in salt for several days, then soaked in acidic then solution. The hair and flesh are removed.

Step 2: Splitting
The hide is separated into tow layers;
1. The hide quality Full Grain.
2. Lower quality split grain, which can be turned into Suede.

Step 3: Tanning
Hides recieve an initial soak in plant-based tannins, or a chemical equivalent. These tannins break down the collagen in the hide.

Step 4: Retanning
Hides are given a second round of tanning to preserve to preserve the colagen and add any dyes or conditioning agents.

Step 5: Deying/Rolling
Tanned leather is stretched, dried, and rolled by machines to soften the leather.

Step 6: Finishing 
Hides can be finished with a coating of pigment or polish, depending on grade and application.

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How to take a good care of your designer handbags
How to take a good care of your designer handbags

January 29, 2022

Walk in the rain?
Leave on the floor?
Leave in wardrobe? 
We have some answers for those questions.

Have you ever realised when you buy designer handbag that you would expected to get the best item and it will be last long. Well there are some guidance to help you to achieved your goal

1) Store, use acid free tissue for stuffing inside the bag for keeping shape. You may also keep it in the dust bag and make sure that the bag stay right up. For than handles and strap you may wrap up by issue to prevent them touch the body of the bag.

2) Avoid the grease from your hand cream, lotion or oil. Those chemicals will went through the leather, sometimes there is impossible to clean up. It will leave you the mark. In the worse case it will become the deep stains.

3) General care, you may use the dry clothe for cleaning, if it is in need for chemical cleaner, you may use small drop on the dry cloth and test on surface before applied to a whole bag.

Best of luck and if you need more help, please contact us

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I have made my own bag
I have made my own bag

January 29, 2022

This is my own bag design.

This summer, I have been back to my hometown, Thailand. I have been looking for the new inspirations for my leather works.
I have come up with this mini tote bag, I saw the leather-craft man displayed it in front of his shop in Bangkok. I felt in love with it, it looked very simple but functional. Once I came back to Cork Ireland, I then have started my project. All material I have are used leathers from my workshop.

The mini tote bag project was kicked off on 20th December, 2023. I made the pattern from my memory then cut and choosed the lether I like. I love deep red and black, I thought they would be a good combonation. I think I am right :) 
The hadles I like round style, they have a classic looked and timeless. I decided to have red fabric as a lining with one zipper poket and two open pokets inside, there is also one outer poket with zipper. All hardwear are in gold. The side trim I made it as stitch out and decorated by edging. The top trim I stitch leather with fabric lining and hide it instead of showing.

It is just a small little thing for many people but it was a huge achievement for me.

Finally, this bag, it was a Christmas Gift for friend of mind and I hope she enjoyed it :) xx

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