Every handbag is assessed and the work necessary to be done and the cost of same agreed with the client before proceeding.

Our services are;

1) Cleaning for lining, cowhide, leather, colour transfer removal, ink/stain/mould removal, odour removal and hardware.

2) Repair, we provided the most of type of repair, such as, stitch, zipper, edging, strap, handle, hole, scratch, hardware and bespoke repair.

3) Restoration, we offer colour touch up, colour restoration (a whole bag), lining/hardware/zipper/handle/strap replacement

4) Creative accessary, we open to create any accessary you needed for your bags

Please visit “My Work” for some examples of work we have carried out or “Contact Us” for discussion and a quote

We do repair, clean and restore all leather good including shoes, wallets, jackets and accessories. We also create accessary you needed for your bags.

Please visit “My Work” for some examples of work we have carried out or “Contact Us” for discussion and a quote

We would need you to show some pictures of your bag then we will get back with the estimate quote (be aware each item must be assessed before we are able to give an exact price). As each item has unique we have a range of bespoke solutions to clean, restore or repair your item.

Handbag Hospital,

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T12 C825

Our frame time is depending on demand, Currently our lead times vary from two weeks – eight weeks depending on the service your item requires. See “Terms & Conditions > Timeframe”

If you have a key event, holiday or occasion that is with in 14 days of your estimated completion date please let us know at the earliest convenience and we will aim to meet your need. Please note that these slots in our services are limited. Please be aware “ a first come first serve basis”.

We divided two payment periods.

1) The non-refundable deposit €50 or 50% or the Final quote, which up to €50. This deposit may need to be paid before start working.

2) The full balance (Final quote – Deposit). Would need to be done before the bag has been collected or posted.

Your Sales Consultant will detail the bespoke requirements for your item and go through this with you prior to any work being carried out on your item. Once we have received your authorisation to go ahead with the work and payment has been made you will be emailed an order confirmation containing your unique job reference number, the work being carried out, the estimated lead time and a link to our Terms and Conditions.

Handbag Hospital will provide insurance for all customer bag(s), in the event, they are lost, stolen or damaged during time at our premises. We will cover the cost of your bag(s) to the extent of their present value. Our insurance will exclude items sent to us in a damaged state or that have no value. See “Terms & Conditions > Guarantees”

You must let us know of any changes or cancellation to the work due to be carried out on your item within 72 hours of receiving the order confirmation.